Canopy and Retractable Garage Doors

Canopy and Retractable Garage Doors

The canopy gear for single up-and-over doors

A single canopy door mechanism is contained within the door frame with no horizontal tracks protruding into the garage space. When opened. The door forms a “canopy” with roughly one third of the door outside the garage.

anti drop device
Anti-drop device to prevent the door from crashing down in the event of a spring or cable failure.

optional 4 point locking kit
Optional 4point locking kit for extra peace of mind. We can supply an additional security kit comprising steel locking bar rods and slam shut latches to increase the number of locking points from two to four. Zinc-coated torsion spring for durability and a clean, finished look.

The retractable gear for single and double up-and-over doors

Retractable doors, both single (R) and double (D) open along horizontal tracks inside the garage and travel back into the garage space when opened. Retractable mechanisms are ideally suited to automatic operation.

Multiple spring cassette & pivot arm
Multiple spring cassette and pivot arm cover providing trap protection to reduce the risk of injuries.

secure parking position
Secure parking position to prevent the door from uncontrolled closing.

design handle for safe door operation
Design handle for safe door operation.

secure locking to prevent from forced entry
Secure locking to prevent from forced entry.

optional retract plus
Optional Retractable Plus specially designed lifting arms including bottom spring brackets for narrow openings which allow for maximum use of the clear passage.